Getting it All Together!

I remember the moment…that moment when I finally got it all together.  My kids were happy and healthy.  My boss loved me.  My relationship with my spouse was on solid footing.  The sky was blue and there was money in my wallet.  Yes, I had at long last completed my quest for the illusory Holy Grail!  What a blissful 2 ½ minutes!

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A Worthy Opponent

In myth, literature, athletics and modern day epic movies, the hero/heroine must face, as part of their predestined journey, an adversary. If they are truly fortunate, they will meet a Worthy Opponent – one who keeps rising again, battle after battle, to reveal skill and determination in the character of the hero.

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Nice and Easy Does it Every Time

This morning on my drive to work I heard Frank Sinatra offer some advice that I found down right relevant for our modern era.  Ol’ Blue Eyes seems to think that our rushing around is hurting our relationships, perhaps our life!  He suggests in his swooning crooning way that we should make “all the stops along the way”.  After all, what good is it to find that you are at the end of your life only to have lived the length of it, but not the breadth and depth of it.

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“Who am I without my Bling?”

One week from today I will be having minor surgery. One of the requirements before arriving at the hospital is to remove all jewelry. For the first time in probably 4 years I will be taking out the diamond studs in my second earring holes.

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Last Breath

We laid beside each other in bed.  And I heard her breathe.  In that moment, I had the sharp and aching realization that her breaths were numbered, limited.  Each breath trudging in a slow and steady pace to her last.

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Vacillating between Anger and Guilt

Many years ago I was speaking at a conference that included an evening reception on a large yacht in a beautiful harbor.  It was a lovely setting.  So the unsettling conversation I was about to have seemed even more out of place.  One of the conference attendees greeted me and we chatted casually over a glass of wine.

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Bread Crumbs – Part 4.

Or “Not putting all your EGGS-spectations in one bread BASKET!”

“A man wants just one thing from a thousand different women.
And a woman wants a thousand different things from just one man.”

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Bread Crumbs and The Self-Inflicted Wound – Part 3.

Or “Leave the Crumbs on the Table and Turn Over a New Leaf  … er Loaf”

When we get what we consider to be “bread crumbs” in our relationships it is our expectations that we will get something more, better or different that creates our suffering.

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Bread Crumbs and The Self-Inflicted Wound – Part 2.

Or Why Others Won’t Give Me the Whole Loaf 

When you only get bread crumbs and what you want is the whole loaf from others it seems to me you have several options in how to respond.  You can accept the crumbs and make crumb cake, as my friend Nick says, you can leave the crumbs on the counter and search for a whole new loaf, or you can try to turn Rye into Pumpernickel.

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Bread Crumbs and The Self-Inflicted Wound – Part 1.

You get bread crumbs.

And you want the whole loaf.  Sliced.  Toasted.  Buttered.

If you know what I’m talking about, you have been in a relationship with a parent, lover or child where you have had certain expectations that were unmet and it caused you emotional pain.

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Excerpt from Success Simplified- Simple Solutions Measurable Results – chapter on “Choice and Change”

Because of my life experiences, I am able to realize the spiritual treasures that exist even in the most painful circumstances and losses. I have learned to accept the reality of “what is.”  And every day I remind myself of this beautiful and inspiring quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “You have to accept whatever comes your way.  And the only important thing is to meet it with courage and the best you have to give.”

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My towel rack fell down today.  All on its own.  What a great reminder of a natural law we all try to ignore.  Every day we strive to “get it all together”, put things in order, get things tidied up, finished, completed.  All well and good.  But the natural order of things is impermanence, change, even (dare I say it) aging and death.

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“Twinless Twin”

A tribute to my twin sister, Karen

Karen died on June 20, 2009.  I had never heard the term “twinless twin” until after Karen died.  Now I am encountering it everywhere.   I’m not sure what it means or even if I can identify with it at all.  I do know that right now I sense a deep hole that lies somewhere out in the distance, as yet out of reach.

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A Lack of Lack

I had the great good fortune last week to participate in a retreat with Brother David Steindl-Rast and other wonderful modern day spiritual teachers. In our early exploration of the topic of Gratefulness, Brother David wisely noted that one of the conditions which prevents us from experiencing Gratefulness today is the “lack of lack”. We have too much.

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You won’t want to read this. Unless you prefer simple, plain talk. Straight from the heart. Unless you know that life is short, bitter and sweet, with the capacity for great joy and great suffering. And unless you realize, at some level, that it is the suffering in life that can move us to our greatest understanding and insight, reveal our deepest compassion, humble us, open our hearts and soften us.

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