A Worthy Opponent

Blog entry by Kathy Cleveland Bull
April 22, 2014

In myth, literature, athletics and modern day epic movies, the hero/heroine must face, as part of their predestined journey, an adversary. If they are truly fortunate, they will meet a Worthy Opponent – one who keeps rising again, battle after battle, to reveal skill and determination in the character of the hero. The Worthy Opponent provides so much of a challenge that it is even doubtful that the hero will ever defeat this foe.  Therein lies the drama and suspense.  In the Greek mythological tale of Psyche and Eros, Aphrodite gives Psyche (a mere mortal) four “impossible tasks”.  Somehow, with a little help from some unlikely friends, Psyche is able to successfully complete the tasks and ultimately is allowed to join Eros on Olympus, as an immortal Goddess. Impossible tasks?  Check!  The Worthy Opponent of Aphrodite is what propels Psyche to immortality!

In our own hero’s journey, a Worthy Opponent pushes us to our growth edges, conjures up more strength and cleverness in us than we think we possess, forces us to go beyond our self- perceptions of what we believe we are capable of.

What is your greatest obstacle, unwanted habit, life challenge, or stumbling block that keeps rising again, battle after battle?  This, my friends, is your Worthy Opponent. It exists to teach you, humble you, soften you, all the while making you stronger, more resilient and more self-aware. This Worthy Opponent brings with it a Divine lesson to be learned.

Welcome it. Invite it in fully. Say, “Bring it on, Worthy Opponent! You will only serve to bring out the Hero in me!”  

One thought on “A Worthy Opponent

  1. We are all on a mythic journey – you have identified it so well! The most important stories lie within us, and we should not shrink from the challenge or the struggle, but embrace it . . . . Thank you so much for sharing this thoughtful inspiration, Kathy

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